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Country of origin: United States – Arkansas

America is the largest manufacturer of pellets worldwide. They have the most expertise, building with wood and have many forests

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Ash and moisture
The ash percentage of the pellets we offer you is below 0.7% and the humidity is below 5%. The legal standard moisture content percentage that the pellets must meet is 10%. With a low moisture content of 5%, the wood burns better and emits less CO2. The closer the pellets are to a moisture content of 0%, the greater the combustion power. Good combustion equals more heat, less ash and therefore less blockage.

Caloric value
Our wood pellets contain a calorific value of 17.41MJ/kg, about 5% more than softwood pellets. The pellets have a long and even combustion.

No additives
Our hardwood pellets are manufactured completely without additives. When making pellets, glues or binders are often used to ensure consistency, or additives to enhance combustion. These chemical products have many negative sides: they produce toxic substances when burned and clog the heating system.

Minimal Pollutants
Wood always contains traces of certain metals that are naturally present in the earth. Following ISO 17225-2 limits are set for the various metals. Our pellets score exceptionally well on this, which means they are not very polluting.


Sustainable wood
The difference between hardwood and softwood pellets is that hardwoods come from deciduous trees and softwoods from conifers, such as larch and Scots pine. Hardwoods, such as beech and ash, grow slowly, creating a compact, durable wood that also burns slowly and contains less moisture. Hardwood sticks little in the stove and the exhaust. It gives more heat and is easy to clean in the stove and the flue gas fan. Hardwood pellets are nicer to burn. This is because they are easier to ignite and the flames spread longer. Softwood pellets must first come to a good temperature, after which the heat gradually spreads.


The pellets we offer are certified A1 according to ISO 17225-2 and thus meet the highest European standards.
The manufacturer is certified by the Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI). Quality is continuously monitored during production. A test is performed every 2 weeks by a certified laboratory and a test is performed every 30 minutes in the factory's own laboratories. The Pellet Fuel Institute conducts regular supply chain audits and internal quality procedures.


Fiber Energy Products is a state-of-the-art wood pellet manufacturing facility located in the pristine forests of northern Arkansas. They also have a second facility located in beautiful southern Missouri. Their facilities first began producing 100% all-natural wood pellet fuel in 2006. Since then, they have become the foremost manufacturer of premium hardwood and softwood heating pellets, BBQ and grilling pellets, and animal bedding throughout the mid western and southern United States.

The manufacturer, based in the USA is part of the publicly traded group "Vista Outdoor" and owns more than 40 labels including Bell racing helmets, Remington shotguns, Camelbak, etc. good for an annual turnover of more than 2 billion dollars. These pellets are sold at major retailers such as Costco and Walmart. They are suitable for use in private pellet stoves that meet the most stringent requirements.

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